Ugly Words

In a news article some time back, the cover of of a Trump Magazine was displayed with the edition tagline: “Live Luxury, Never Settle.”

My most political image, “Is a Donkey Enough?”

My most political image, “Is a Donkey Enough?”

While I’m running out of paper to record reasons I wouldn’t look for wisdom anywhere near the Trumpian ethos, these words hit with particular sting in the wake of Trump’s embrace by an Evangelical Christian population over the last two years - people, I believe, who hold deep, heartfelt claims of following the teaching of peace-encouraging, self-denying nomad from the mid-east (*whispers* Jesus).

I’m not sure anyone in the United States is off the hook on this one. Many of us (especially white, heterosexual males like myself) have relative luxury to the world. However, in my reading of Jesus, aiming for luxury is a seriously dishonest reading of what he asks of those interested in imitating him. Luxury implies a bettering of self unnecessarily, while there is a world locally and beyond that suffers the consequences (wasted food, depleted resources, lack of basic need). Let Trump be Trump, but don’t roll him in with a man convinced that dying for the other (neighbor, enemy, etc) was the epitome of the way of GOD in the world.

I think the superhuman of the future might simply be the person who can truly empathize in a world of increasing insensitivity.