The current environmental crisis is not one of scarcity. It seems plain that the roots of it lie in greed. Rarely in history has human interest in control and power been subverted by urgings of good will. Unfortunately for humanity, the adverse effect of our greed and complacency are a bending of the natural earth, and a breaking of us and other life sharing it. Depicted here is a visual environmental observation about the choices our society has made- and continues to make- that are simply incompatible with the way the world works. Despite dependence on machine and innovation, a small push from mother earth is often strong enough to knock us down. This work can act as a bleak and hopeless vision of what’s to come and what can’t be changed, or a shake to the accepted vision and a prophetic urging to see the role of human beings as something different. Perhaps the ancient belief that our ordination from the creator is that of gardener, is true, and we simply need to re-examine and reorient our present vocation.