I happily roamed the grounds of an all-inclusive resort as an observer rather than participant. Disguised only by a swimsuit and flip flops. In shooting this imagery, the questions forming in me weren’t ones of how I might take part in what stood before me, and more questioning of why we subject ourselves to these settings. The apparent escape I witnessed is not to a new culture. Indeed, it was across a country border, but it was culturally American; excess was still king. And amidst the excess, people seemed worn, not rested. I saw it in faces and posture, and couldn’t help but wonder how many people actually wanted to be there, or were merely told that when it comes to being human, rest looked like escape through excess. 

Bodies were poetically laid out like the odalisques of old paintings, unaffected by the vulnerability of which they presented to the public, presenting me simultaneously with a collision of the information given to us about attaining happiness, and the honesty of a shared human experience.